Airport CDM
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Welcome to ACDM Limited - Airport CDM

The complexities of modern airports and the co-operation required between a wide range of service providers can bring implementation challenges for even the most experienced airport managers. From designing or adapting an efficient CDM Platform and validating the timeliness and accuracy of communication and data flows, through to fully engaging all stakeholders and delivering effective CDM compliance and training, ACDM Ltd can help.

Through our extensive technical and managerial experience gained at the cutting edge of airport, airline and ground handling operations, we have developed a range of solutions. From business case, project management and training, through to hands-on implementation on the ground, we ensure that CDM is fully achieved.

ACDM Ltd will help airport communities develop a robust Collaborative Decision Making model by providing a cost-effective solution on the ground.

What can we do for you?
  • Deliver successful implementation of CDM at your airport
  • Ensure the accuracy and consistency of Target Off Blocks Times
  • Provide a robust solution to the turnround information ‘Black Hole’
  • Connect and integrate fragmented information streams through our ‘SkylightES’ software
  • Ensure CDM integrity during adverse conditions
  • Contribute to an enhanced safety culture
What will this deliver for you?
  • Reliable and consistent operational predictability
  • Greater runway, terminal and gate capacity within existing infrastructure
  • Potential improvements in operational safety
  • Enhanced response to adverse conditions and emergency situations
  • Reduced noise and emissions through reduced taxi times
  • Optimal turnround times
  • Flexible ground handling reaction times
  • Better management and allocation of ground handling resources
  • Improved quality of public information

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