Airport CDM
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Effective Collaborative Decision Making is not just about information flows and data collection.  Despite significant advances in the accuracy of predicted arrival times, departure sequencing and subsequent Target Off Blocks Times (TOBT) are still subject to the vagaries of the fragmented and inexact Ground Handling process.

ACDM will provide analysis and evaluation of these key factors:

Stand Planning in relation to Variable Taxi Times and the ground handling process
  • Stand Planning to avoid taxiway congestion
  • Stand Planning correlation with SIDS/runway in use
  • Airline operator preferences
  • Airport infrastructure optimisation
  • Minimising environmental footprint
CDM Platform and supporting technology
  • Use of existing systems versus new CDM Platform design
  • Compatibility of systems across wide range of airport/handling agent environments
  • System enhancements: ‘The Missing Link’
  • Communications devices, software, interfaces
  • Critical factors
  • Calculation & accuracy of TOBT
  • Methods of improvement
  • Influence of human factors


A fully-integrated CDM airport will generate the efficiencies required to reduce the number of wasted slots and the costs associated with delays.

Variable Taxi Time
  • Fuel Savings
  • Increase in movements
Accuracy of information
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Better Flight Information available to the public
  • Optimisation of Ground Handling resources
Continuous Descent Approach (CDA)

Current ‘two-stage’ Instrument Landing System (ILS) intercepts often lead to a segment of level flight between the two stages. The use of a continuous descent technique during intermediate and final approach will benefit the environment by:
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Lowering CO2 and other emissions
  • Minimising noise for communities beneath the approach ‘footprint’ area

Ground Handlers

The Ground Handler has a pivotal role in the CDM process. The ability to calculate an accurate Target Off Blocks Time (TOBT) will directly influence ATC’s ability to optimise slot times.

ACDM’s experience, know-how and software will deliver improvements in the following areas:

Ground Handling processes
  • Refine movement information accuracy
  • Improve tactical decision making capability
  • Real-time capture of turnround data
  • Integration of accurate turnround data into CDM process
  • Increased utilisation of latest technology
  • Minimising manual inputs
  • Handling Agent interface with ATC/Airport CDM requirements
  • Critical factors
  • Calculation & accuracy of TOBT
  • Alternative Turnround Co-ordination models
  • Feasibility of multiple turnround data flows
  • Optimal ownership of individual data flows
  • Influence of human factors

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